Engagement Rings Vancouver

It’s easy to get overwhelmed while looking for diamond rings in Vacouver. But, it turns out that diamonds aren’t as scarce as you think – and you have plenty of alternatives. Luxury Diamonds can help you cut through the glitz and glam to locate an engagement ring that hits the sweet spot of affordability, quality, and the personal connection with the work of art you are about to purchase.
This is how we go about it:

To begin, we’ll leverage our decade of wholesale and retail knowledge to assist you in navigating the diamond market. While diamonds themselves are not uncommon, magnificent diamonds are. Only 1% of diamonds have no imperfections that can be seen with the human eye, with the remainder being ordinary at best. Therefore, unlike retailers, we only deal with wholesalers to get the stone you’re looking for once we’ve met with you and developed a strategy. This means we won’t be passing on any inventory expenses to you, and we won’t be pushing any stones onto you. It can take a few days, but we’ll work with you until we’ve found precisely what you’re looking for.

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